Door knocking ~ Mamo-chan style (made funnier cause it was not in-sync with the sound effects)

» And thus starts a cute convo between senpai & kohai

In case you weren’t aware, Kishio Daisuke went freelance a little while ago and it was just officially announced that he has joined Aoni Production, along with Hirano Fumi.  This is the Twitter convo that appeared as soon as the news was announced—

Suganuma Hisayoshi: 


And Kishio-san, welcome to Aoni Production ^_^

(fans were then confused, asking him if it was true.  Daisaku immediately afterwards made his formal announcement of entering Aoni on Twitter)

Kishio Daisuke:

manugasu よろしく!パイセンの菅沼!!www

Yoroshiku*! Paisen** Suganuma!! www***

Suganuma Hisayoshi:

daisacusacu コウハイのクセに呼び捨てーw


For being my kohai****, how dare you call me without an honorific w

Oo, I’m counting on you, my kohai Kishio-san ^_^

*Edit ~ Kishio Daisuke:

@manugasu はい!パイセンの菅沼!お前も頑張れよwww

Yes! Paisen* Suganuma! (still no honorific lol) You must try your best too www***

*Paisen: a play on the word “senpai”

**Yoroshiku: Please take care of me, please support me, please treat me favorably

***www: w = 笑う (warau) = laughter (like LOL)

***Kohai/Kouhai: in case you don’t already know, this means junior in standing, opposite of senpai.

And ~ A note of apology from Kyuu-chan





I apologize for tweeting before the person himself….

I was just so happy that as soon as I saw the information updated on the production company’s homepage I had to tweet about it ^_^;

Well no matter what, please continue your support for us! 

Wow ~this dangerous combination**** is now in the same company - w

****the original Japanese was worded to the effect of “this mix of a dangerous combination”, but we found it redundant so we shortened it.

From Twitter: 菅沼久義岸尾だいすけ

JunJun’s (≧▽≦) smile

Situation: Sowa Sowa Do-M (Restless/fidgety extreme masochist)

Happy Birthday Daisaku ♥

or shall we call you Sakotsu Seiyuu?

Q: If you could ask Santa for anything, what would it be?

JunJun:  I would be eating an orange while watching TV. Santa would appear and say, “Hey boy, I am Santa, what would you like as your present?” With a big smile I would love to answer with, “Authority (Power)

Part 2

JunJun: What I really want to see is his expression when he thinks about the present I ask for. I mean I’m pretty sure he’s already brought so much joy to the faces of children around the world so when he arrives at my house with a look of “praise me”, I’d like to answer with “Power (authority)”. What kind of painful expression would he give me. XD

Iwata Mitsuo:  Shall I tell you the answer? With a big smile, he’ll say “Okay, I understand.” And then he’ll lightly tap your head and you would become the queen bee in a bee colony. You would keep reproducing. There you would have all the power you want. 

Part 1

This place seems like a fun place to work at. 

Face-covering PR must be a trend at AXLONE. XD